The Buttercréme Boutique is owned and operated by Kristin Osborne & her daughter Montanna. This dynamic mother-daughter team has an incredible talent for making desserts that are not only beautiful but DELICIOUS! Their talent doesn’t stop with just baked goods. Their creativity really shines with their passion for event planning and making beautiful custom gift baskets.

Their love for baking began as young girls watching and helping their mothers in the kitchen. The smell of fresh baked cookies and the sight of beautiful cakes has always been a way to greet family and friends for gatherings large and small in their home. They believe that gatherings for friends and family are how memories are made! They are often told, “You sure know how to throw a party!” After many requests from family and friends for their amazing baked goods and for help with event planning, they decided to open The Buttercréme Boutique.

Kristin had the perfect set-up to start a bakery in her home with a commercial kitchen already in place. The Osborne’s renovated their kitchen in 2008 to accommodate the large number of friends and family that often come to their home for gatherings. Their home commercial kitchen has been inspected and approved by the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Food & Drug Protection Division as a home bakery.

Kristin and Montanna’s inspiration for their logo came about after a vacation to the South of France. While in France, they visited a small bakery in a quaint village and tasted their first French macaron. It was love at first bite! When they returned home, they went on a quest to find a bakery that could duplicate the taste of the macaron but to their dismay their search turned up empty handed. They decided to try and make the extremely difficult macaron themselves. After throwing out probably 100 batches, they finally perfected the buttercréme filled macaron. Kristin & Montanna are known for their amazing signature buttercréme frostings. By using high quality ingredients such as real vanilla beans and sweet cream butter they create a superior product that nobody can compete with. They believe that a product can look beautiful but if it doesn’t taste good, no one will remember it! Trust me, you will remember everything about The Buttercréme Boutique!